Welcome, readers!

In this blog you will find information about Italian cooking throughout the centuries with videos, recipes, and articles about ingredients, books, and food culture of our country. Our sources are the many cookbooks saved over two millennia, starting from ancient Rome, crossing Middle Ages and Renaissance, and reaching the Modern Era.
Here you will find historical sources and how you can prepare the courses in a philological and tasty way, with our interpretation of the texts and suggestions.
This blog is born from years of study, both theoretical and practical, about early cooking, and from the questions our audience asked us about how to prepare the dishes or to substitute rare ingredients. In this time, we published a few books about historical cooking with the no-profit organization I Doni delle Muse, using the collective pen name Marco Gavio de Rubeis. We intend to translate them soon into English.
We hope you’ll appreciate our work, in particular, because Italian cooking is more than the dishes all of us know. It is a world made of forgotten traditions, spices and flavors which seems to us extraordinarily complex and fascinating.