Our new book “Ancient Roman Cooking. Ingredients, recipes, sources” is available on Amazon (e-book and printed edition). Here you find the Italian edition.
The first part of the book is dedicated to the sources and our method of research, with chapters about how ancient Romans experienced food between the richest convivia and simple meals, in the city and countryside, seen by authors and poets as an idyllic place of abundance distant from the chaos of the Urbs. The second part explains the ingredients available in ancient Rome, with particular attention to the villae, and the ways to preserve foods, from vegetables and fruit to cheese, meat, fish, garum, wine, oil, and honey. In the third part, there are the recipes, selected from Pliny, Columella, Palladius, Cato, and De Re Coquinaria, the cookbook conventionally attributed to Apicius.
On Amazon you will find a preview of the book with the index.

“Ancient Roman gastronomy was famous for an incomparable skill in the art of pairing the ingredients, with its Mediterranean flavors and healthy balance among the aromas.
Many sources record the greatness of Roman cuisine. Writers and poets celebrate its beauty, complexity, decadence, and at the same time, its simplicity. Agronomists tell the life in the countryside, showing the farming techniques and the preparation of common preserves, from cured meat to cheese, vegetables, fruit. Cooks focus on providing unique sensorial experiences through the learned use of ingredients that belong to our history, now almost forgotten. Silphium, garum, mulsum, allec, sapa are just some of them.
A journey back in time through ingredients and recipes, from the republican age to the empire, to rediscover an extraordinary culinary tradition that will satisfy, still today, the most refined palates.”